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Concept of Mayura

Named after 'peacock' in Sanskrit, Mayura represent your beauty which glow from your within in harmony of well-balanced body, mind and soul.

Living in a modern life, in spite of comfortable life style and state of art technology, you will always find less time. If you are in charge of management team or mother of two, driven by appointments, deadlines, and must do list, then, the opportunity to unwind, relax and pamper yourself for wellbeing at Mayura is a must recipe for you.

At our salon, we provide various treatments based on Ayurvedic philosophy, escorting you to well-balanced dosha (energy) to promote your senses back in track.

Our unique original treatments are all treated by hands to promote your body’s detoxification, our total program recipe is more than just a salon. Spend your day with us, you will see amazing result even just only one time treatment!

We use carefully selected Ayurvedic treatment oils certified pure organic, imported from U.S.A, and cosmetics from SUNDÃRI brand using Ayurvedic herbs for skin care, as well as other foremost organic products.

To provide ultimate treatment with warm hospitality, at Mayura we serve only two guests a day. We dedicate our utmost care and special treatment for you to have the ultimate moment and memorable experience. Decorated in simple and natural interior will leave you to feel unwind and deep relaxation, restore and recharge your active daily life.

The inside of a Mayura salon 1 The inside of a Mayura salon 2 The inside of a Mayura salon 3