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Ayurveda Beauty Therapist / Kayo Kaneko

Ayurveda Beauty Therapist / Kayo Kaneko

Graduate from Dokyo University foreign language faculty, major in German
Graduate from United Kingdom Ayurveda college, Japan campus
Graduate from The Natural Gourmet Cookery School, NYC, professional chef course
Certified as nutrition professional
Usui Reiki 2nd Level
Japan Traditional Reiki Association Level 1~3

A Message from Therapist

Welcome to our website. My name is Ms.Kaneko of Mayura salon. It is my pleasure to introduce you about myself briefly. My long journey for well-being had started when I lost my beloved father. He was healthy and young, it was shocking for me to loose him with his sudden disease. The huge mental pressure crushed me, I myself had very unsteady period in mentally and physically. During those dark times, I spent long time to find the way for “well-being”. When I had decided that I could not find decent answer in nutritious study in Tokyo, I flew to New York to seek for the answer by myself.

For 5 years in New York, ‘Whole Foods” (major organic food store) was my regular spot, I tried almost every single stuff from there, as well as taking yoga class. However, I start considering myself for the way of method or philosophy of well-being which I thought of ‘to take only good food is the key of healthy life’ (in the way, as long as you avoid bad food would make you live longer) may not the total answer for our life. I start wondering there might be another way to answer, so I kept searching, Ayurveda was one of the ways for me to seek. Unfortunately, huge volume of theories and complicated method of those did not attract me at that time. (maybe because I was in a middle of busy life raising my first baby, I wonder…)

So, I totally forget about Ayurveda until one day my mother passed over me a book of one. This book struck me with one simple theory which was ‘you want be well and healthy, you need to get rid of toxins from your body. Without purifying your body nothing would change’. I was concentrating only for ‘consuming good stuff’ for last 15 years, never thought about purifying, so, that simple and absolutely true theory changed my life. Ayurveda tells us how to drain toxin from your body, to keep and maintain that purified condition (with some treatments together with how to live your life based on your energy characteristic). Then, apply certain oil treatment using therapeutic herb oil which gives us vitality, strength and anti-aging effect on cleansed and purified body to restore rejuvenation.
Our salon provides exclusive treatment of Rasayana or rejuvenating treatment, which is one of 8 practices from Ayurveda medical practice. Our exclusively selected treatments from original Ayurvedic treatments with our carefully provided consultation, tailor made approach for oil selection to each guest with warm hospitality spirit will harmoniously balance your body, mind and soul, as well as your whole sense. Spare your time and pamper yourself. Let me lead you to the ultimate experience you ever had.
I am looking forward to welcoming you in near future.


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