Followings are the most frequent asked questions about Ayurveda. If you have any unclear matter, feel free to contact me.

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This is my first time to try Ayurveda treatment. How does the program go?

Ayurveda treatment begins consultation to find your energy type - treatment - sweating to detox. Select suitable treatment oil from the consultation, apply treatment using treatment oil, let oil absorbed by body then will be released toxin by sweating procedure. After following whole program, detoxification will be completed. You may feel the duration is long at first though, you will be amazed to find the clear result. Pamper yourself, unwind and relax, enjoy your day.

Are there anything I should follow before treatment?

Please finish your meal 2 hours before your treatment, recommending for light meal if possible. If your stomach is full, your energy will used for digestion rather than oil absorbing or blocking your metabolism, so you will receive less effect of the treatment. If you would like to enjoy meal after the treatment, wait for 30minutes after your treatment. We recommend refrain from hard exercise, busy activities or alcohol drinking, enjoy your relaxing time after the treatment.

Do you recommend anything I should bring to salon?

During your oil treatment and sweating, your make-ups will be removed. Please bring your own make-up tools and cosmetics if you wish. Salon provides disposable paper shorts and lobes for you to change during your treatment, you don’t have to bring your own change.

Can I bring children with me?

Salon provides treatment room together with cozy counseling room. Small children can wait in the counseling room if anyone would accompany with him/her. Please bring some toys or books for them avoiding them to get bored.

Can male guests come for treatment?

Salon accepts male guests with references only. Please pass name of your references to salon upon booking.

Do you have ‘Abiyanga’ treatments?

I learned oil treatment in classical method of ‘Taila Vimardana’ from Ayurvedic doctor from Sri Lanka, not the ordinary Abiyanga oil treatment. At this moment there are few salon provide the Taila Vimardana treatment in Japan, please try this unique experience. I am happy to inform you on website when providing Abiyanga menu in the future.

How about during my period?

During your period, your body is in natural process of purification, therefore oil treatment will be disturbed on your body system. When you make booking, please avoid 1st to 3rd day of your period. In case your period would start before your treatments, you can enjoy facial massage only or facial with sweating instead. (16,000yen or 19,000yen) Thank you for your understanding in advance.

What if I need to cancel booking?

Salon has fully advanced reservation system, treatments are reserved especially for you. Guests will be charged 50% for not cancelled by one day before, also charged 100% for cancelled on booking day. Please check your schedule before you make booking.

Can I pay by credit card?

We are sorry but credit card is not accepted. Please settle by cash payment.