Mayura salon has “complete advanced reservation system”.
Please make your booking by telephone call or using following reservation form in advance.

Remarks upon your booking

  • -Please avoid taking treatment during your period (1st to3rd day), or if you are expected, or you are under severe skin disease (including athlete foot)
  • -If you suffer from mental sickness or have epilepsy, try to avoid ‘Shirodara’ treatment.
  • -Please consult your doctor in advance should you have any chronic disease before your booking.

Call at 03-3485-0220

*Please be informed that phone will be in answering mode during treatment session. Please leave your message, we will contact you accordingly. Appreciate your understanding in advance.

Booking Form or Contact Form

  • *Please be advised that upon our confirmation, your booking would be completed.
  • *In case of occasion such as fail of writing down our form, do not receive any confirmation or no news from us by next day, might be occur some system error. We appreciate if you could contact us by e-mail in accordingly. (please mention about the error together with your mail)
  • *For your Inquiry or booking from cell phone, please set your incoming mail status for to be accepted to avoid any rejecting from your system.
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